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Why we rock…


  • There are only a very few international companies out there offering a truly worldwide timeshare exchange service for European residents.

We beat them all with our exchange fees…

  • Many other holiday exchange companies charge you up front just to find out what they’re about. However, we invite you to look around, and check all details without any obligation before joining us.
  • Just contact any of our individual customer service landline numbers, currently offered in three countries (UK, Germany and Switzerland). We are ready to serve you whether in German, Hungarian or the English language.

We always aim to be there for you, and in many cases after hours and weekend service is available (restricted service may apply).

  • We don’t promise you anything that we won’t be able to deliver. This also means that in some individual cases you may not get the expected response to your question. However, clarity gives confidence.
  • We are transparent in many ways. Unlike other companies, we don’t hide from you the face that is behind the company.


 If you're looking for the best,

then be our guest!






  Landline phone numbers

Germany:      +49 89 5187 9935

Switzerland: +41 44 586 38 20

UK:                +44 24 7698 0900


Mobile (Viber/WhatsApp)

+49 151 651 64228




Skype ID: lanzaventura

Fax: +1 702 537 5424

E-mail: hello@lanzaventura.world